The Best Sci-Fi and Fantasy Blogs

Accessing information on the internet is the easiest job if you know the right websites to read. Sci-fi enthusiasts and communities have opened blogs where they keep sci-fi fans updated. Here are some of the best sci-fi and fantasy blogs.


This science-fiction blog has been active since 2016. It features science fiction films with captivating plots and stunning visual effects. This is the blog to visit if you are interested in aliens, technology, space exploration, and robots. The blog publishes at least 7 posts in a week.

Clarkesworld Magazine

This is the blog to visit to access the audio, interviews, short stories, and articles on science fiction. The quality information of the blog made it a British Fantasy and World Fantasy award-winning magazine. You are guaranteed to access at least 18 new articles per month.

Sci-Fi Bloggers

Visit this online magazine to access fascinating television shows, video games, and sci-fi movies. The website is updated at least three times a week to give readers the latest information in science fiction.

Future War Stories

This is the blog to visit if you are interested in military science fiction. The blog has detailed information on military science fiction and fantasy equipment.