Breast Augmentation and the Sci-Fi Connection

The cosmetic industry has experienced incredible renovations in the past decade. Standout advances such as self-twirling curling irons and semi-permanent procedures such as keratin treatment have graced the industry.

Like any sci-fi enthusiast, there are all manner of fictional cosmetic technologies that we come across in television shows, movies, and publications. Without a doubt, there are many futuristic ways to get gorgeous, only that scientists are working hard to make these projections a reality.

If there is one area that touches sci-fi nerds as far as cosmetology goes, then it should be breast enhancement. Along with many sci-fi projections, 1989’s film Back To The Future II anticipated the plastic surgery explosion. It started with Doc Brown when he talked about going to some rejuvenation clinic for an all-natural overhaul.

It didn’t stop there. Marty Jr observes a sign of a breast implant sale and a clinic during a TV commercial in the film. This projection has already been manifested with breast enhancement clinics such as Motiva UK living the dream. The journey has been long, but of course, not in vain. Modern-day breast implants, such as those offered at Motiva UK, are a lot more comfortable and appealing.

What the Future Holds

Breast enlargement is an in-demand cosmetic procedure that sees thousands of women augment their busts yearly. But, unlike in the early days, when choosing breast implants was a critical decision, there is so much choice today. And advances are also happening daily, which means that there could be even more choices on the horizon.

The future of breast implants is undoubtedly assured. Thus, depending on how long you are willing to wait, the options will keep increasing.

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