Makeup Artists Bring Film Fantasy to Life

Makeup artists are key to preparing science fiction and fantasy actors for a movie role. From the Matrix to Doctor Who, films rely heavily on makeup to make actors camera ready. An actor’s skin must reflect lighting on the set and remain perceptive to high definition cameras. Head makeup artists are responsible for designing complex makeup and caring for a movie star’s skin. By using verso night cream, some makeup artists may ensure an actor’s skin maintains youthful and rejuvenated.

Film making is evolving. Cameras made with cutting-edge technology pick up every imperfection. As a result, makeup teams have evolved from earlier days in the film industry. Four main makeup artists include the key or head, artist, assistant, and special effects. Head artists plan all designs and manage other makeup artists. Makeup artists are responsible for non-star actors. Assistants help with organizing makeup, and the special effects artist has experience creating fantasy and injury makeup effects.


Makeup shapes how an audience perceives a character. From high school students who wear glitter and bright eye shadow to fantasy characters with darker tones, makeup offers a subliminal message conveying emotion, makeup fully expresses a character’s disposition. Talented professionals must understand and have experience applying rubber, fake blood, and other materials to create the effect of real injuries or exceptional imagery.


Period films require research so that characters reflect the period the film is portraying. It is important to create a realistic world for the viewer, and makeup is an important aspect of the fantasy. Makeup artists are second to the head artist and apply makeup on secondary actors and supporting cast members. The makeup team collaborates with one another to ensure that an actor fully expresses the time period of the character he portrays. Makeup artists help directors develop a believable visual experience for the audience, transporting each viewer back or forward to the time period of the movie.


SFX makeup requires knowledge of how to create bruises and cuts. By working with prosthetics and latex, the artist creates believable and sometimes strange fantasy makeup for an actor. High-definition film cameras pick up every detail, so artists must ensure that the fantasy looks are as real looking as possible. Whether making an actor look younger or creating an alien, makeup artists use years of experience and advanced skills to create special effect makeup.

Makeup for science fiction and fantasy movies takes creative design work and patient, meticulous application to an actor’s face and body. After shooting the scenes, artists must remove the makeup with a cleanser, using moisturizer and cream to protect and rejuvenate the skin. The entire experience of creating fantasy makeup is a collaboration of talented, experienced professionals who bring audiences masterful effects to set the tone for blockbuster movies.