Creating a Science Fiction Inspired Room

Whether it’s a bedroom, living room or conference space; any room dedicated after science fiction and fantasy is bound to get people talking. With decoration’s reminiscent of a favourite sci-fi movie and flora that looks otherworldly, a room inspired after the fantasy worlds many people love doesn’t have to be difficult. Continue reading for a simple guide of how to create a room inspired by science fiction.


The focal point of most rooms, the way the walls are decorated is crucial when looking to achieve a certain theme. For science fiction inspired decor, you may want to go for colour palettes prevalent in the media you’re taking inspiration from. Star Wars, for instance, would require darker colour schemes potentially consisting of shades of grey. Whilst painting can be an affordable and fairly straightforward way of decorating walls, some would rather go for wallpaper. The benefit of wallpaper is that it can be bought in finishes that’re easy to clean and styles can be found that truly add to the science fiction theme. For instance, you could purchase a wallpaper with fantasy novel inspired images printed on it. Additionally, wall art such as paintings and printed canvases can be used to provide extra points of interest to a room – such as a picture of your favourite science fiction movie character.


Continuing with the colour schemes chosen for the walls, you’ll want to consider the flooring carefully. Solid floor options such as hardwood planks or vinyl can help achieve the colder, more industrial, feel of a spaceship if this is the look you’re going for. Solid floor options such as this can be obtained in different patterns and textures, letting you tailor the flooring to your personal taste and the overall theme of the room. If a more warm and welcoming vibe is what you’re going for, consider laying down a quality carpet that is hard-wearing and matches the colour of the walls.


Flora such as plants can be a big aspect of fantasy and science fiction novels and movies, with different worlds giving rise to unique species of plants and flowers. As well as bringing in some outdoor elements to the inside space, a plant can truly add to the overall theme of your room whether it’s a bedroom or living room. Go for unique plants and use the Planta app to assist you with Bromeliad watering. Bromeliad plants have a unique look that could certainly match any fantasy based room, and they require good taking care of to remain healthy. Planta can make bromeliad watering easy by guiding you through exactly how to take care of your plant. Bromeliad watering doesn’t need to be a chore, and any plant in your room can be taken care of effectively with some research and dedication.

Extra decoration will also be needed for your sci-fi inspired room, such as chairs and sofa’s as well as tables. Overall, it doesn’t have to be too expensive or arduous to create the science fiction room of your dreams. With the right colour palette, appropriate flooring and possibly some added plants and pictures on the walls – you can create a space to make any fan of the fantasy world jealous.