Base Layers For Cosplay

Within the science fiction and fantasy communities it is common for people to dress up as their favourite characters. It is known as cosplay and tends to be most popular within convention settings such as Comic Con.

When a person is designing their cosplay it is important to have the right base layer. The items should be comfortable and flexible. Leggings from AIM’N will therefore be very appealing. The products sold by this website can be utilised in a range of different cosplay outfits.

Armoured Knights

A lot of fantasy stories take place within a medieval setting. Good examples include Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings and Mystic Knights. It is wise to use AIM’N leggings for these types of costumes. This is because the layer underneath the armour has to provide a decent level of mobility. Otherwise the costume wearer will end up struggling to move around the convention hall.

Futuristic Spacesuits

There are also plenty of outfits inspired by space themed science fiction designs. Many stories include inventive spacesuits that focus on a cool looking aesthetic. Once again, flexibility is important. The underlayer has to be as skin tight as possible since the suit itself will likely be figure hugging. The astronaut cosplay can sometimes be made from a spandex style material. Consequently if the leggings are too thick it can affect the look of the ensemble.

Monstrous Latex Creations

Monsters feature heavily in both the science fiction and fantasy genre. Expert cosplayers can make great looking masks out of latex. If they are wearing one all day there is a danger of overheating. This can lead to dehydration which is a significant health risk. They should therefore consider leggings that do not trap too much heat.

A Group Costume

When people decide to all fit into one giant costume it is cost effective to all use the same leggings from AIM’N. Doing so will ensure that the colour and texture of their legs is consistent. This option is also very cost effective, especially if there is a sale on. Expert cosplayers know how to create a great looking but cheap outfit.