Tips to Design Science Fiction and Fantasy Outfits

Do you like science fiction and fantasy clothing ideas? The ideas have stretched from costumes to dresses, T-shirts, and even activewear. Activewear is the clothing worn for sports and other outdoor activities. You can use this activewear when you are exercising. The activewear is made of high-quality fabrics and is very comfortable for all kinds of physical activities.

This article focuses on tips for designing science fiction and fantasy outfits.

What is the Outfit For?

First, you need to think of what is the primary function of this fantasy outfit you are designing. Different kind of clothing has different primary function. For Example, activewear should have the primary function for physical activities. Then, you express the function through your design. A science fiction and fantasy outfit doesn’t need to be practical. It most often happens with the nobility or characters that value aesthetics over functions.

However, a practical fantasy outfit doesn’t mean it could not be beautiful. For example, the superhero costumes not only complement the superhero’s abilities but also look fantastic.

Think of the Culture When Designing the Outfit

Culture should certainly be something to think about when worldbuilding. You could express culture with science fiction and fantasy outfits in many ways. Game of Thrones is a great example. Comparing the costumes from the Ironborn to anyone else. Their outfits look ragged and as if they have spent days under the ocean. On the contrary, House Tyrell has settled in rich fertile land, and it provides them with resources for expensive dresses.

How Will the Character Act With the Outfit?

How will the person act when putting on the science fiction and fantasy outfit? Also, how will the people around him react? Considering how people will act and react when they see the science fiction and fantasy outfits you are designing could go a very long way to put them in context.