Top Sci-fi and Fantasy Books

We’re in an era where fantasy and sci-fi-related events are all over. For book readers, you might want some heads up when it comes to books about sci-fi and fantasy. Well, here’s a round-up of some of the best science fiction and fantasy books.

Frankenstein, by Mary Shelly

Mary Shelly started penning down the book while still in her teenage years. Several years later, the book sourced more science fiction and horror film genres. The book tries to handle science-related topics such as death and immortality. In a time where the gap between life and lifelessness is drawn by a thin line, scientists are going about what makes humans human.


Polish Stanislaw is a prolific author who penned down the book. The book tries to understand the mystery of the living ocean on the planet Solaris. It is based on a story where humans were followed by a researcher to space while trying to contemplate the mysterious living ocean. The research done drew a vivid image of another planet inhabited by Aliens. However, it did not give explanations of the mysterious living ocean.

Jurassic Park

This is a well-thought-through book that captures sci-fi. It is best known for its media franchise dubbed as, ‘Jurassic World’. The book was written by Michael Crichton. It focuses on chaos and other dangerous impacts brought about by dinosaurs as a result of genetic engineering. The description of the dinosaurs is quite vivid.

Who Fears Death?

Nnedi, the award-winning author of science fiction and fantasy, wrote this book. Its setting is from Sudan, Africa. The story is; there’s a lot of genocide by the time the book was written between two communities. As the war intensifies, a savior is born and named ‘Onyesonwu’, meaning ‘who fears death?’ The savior demonstrates prowess in all sorts of magical powers. It incorporates traditional magic, love, and spirituality.

The Stars of my Destination

This is a sci-fi classical book that imagines how the world would be if humans could teleport. It was written down by Alfred Bester. The setting of the book shifts between the 24th and 25th centuries in different editions. Humans, at the time, have taken over the entire solar system in colonization. The main character, Gully, is out seeking revenge. The book’s very first edition was released in 1956 but it still is a great read today.